The Best Picture Books for Dinosaur Fans

Where Do Dinosaurs Go on Vacation?

By Kim Ann, Nejla Shojaie (illustrator)

Book cover of Where Do Dinosaurs Go on Vacation?

What is my book about?

Vacation time is approaching, and the dinosaurs are planning to have some fun, but where will they go?

These friendly dinosaurs are dreaming of where they can go to get away. And when their dino friends arrive, they begin thinking about all the fun things they want to try. But with the whole world at their feet, where will they go and what will they do? Will they romp, frolic, or stomp their feet; or maybe they will travel to a faraway place? Everyone knows dinosaurs can be hard to spot, but maybe if we are really lucky, we can see one at play!

A Dinosaur Made Me Spill: A Water Cycle Adventure

By Carla Mae Jansen, Natasha Kostovska (illustrator)

Book cover of A Dinosaur Made Me Spill: A Water Cycle Adventure

Why this book?

This is one of my favorite books by Carla Jansen and one that both kids and adults will enjoy.

Great illustrations, wonderful rhyme, and adorable diverse characters, including a dinosaur. It is a story of friendship that also shares facts and information about the water cycle. It is a very entertaining and educational book. Homeschoolers and children that are interested in dinosaurs and science will love it! 

Tyrannosaurus Hex and the Unluckiest Day Ever

By Jay Miletsky, Gary Wilkinson (illustrator)

Book cover of Tyrannosaurus Hex and the Unluckiest Day Ever

Why this book?

Mr. Jay is a wonderful author and master of rhyme.

In this story, Anda, the T-Rex is convinced she is hexed, why else would she have such bad luck? With the help of a friend, and a positive attitude, she soon learns that anyone can make the best of a situation. The colorful illustrations and fun rhymes help bring the story to life.

Dino Deegan and the Unpleasant Class

By Heather E Robyn, Zoe Mellors (illustrator)

Book cover of Dino Deegan and the Unpleasant Class

Why this book?

A great book with a wonderful message and beautiful illustrations by Dr. Robyn.

The book takes place in prehistoric times and has fun dino details on every page. The main character, Dino Deegan, has trouble making friends, but goes through a transformation throughout the story which is very cleverly visualized as he changes colors at the end.

This should be a classroom tool to teach children about friendship, being kind, and including others in the fun.

Emma Ren Junior Paleontologist

By Jenny Lu, George Sweetland (illustrator)

Book cover of Emma Ren Junior Paleontologist

Why this book?

Jenny Lu writes wonderful STEM children’s books.

In this story, Emma the main character, is learning about dinosaurs and fossils in school, so her class goes on a field trip to the Natural History Museum. When she learns she will be digging in the dirt to uncover fossils, she isn’t too happy, but she later discovers it can be fun.

A great educational book with facts about dinosaurs and fossils.

Damien’s Quest

By Jake Evanoff, Nino Balita (illustrator)

Book cover of Damien's Quest

Why this book?

A cute book by Jake Evanoff about a young cave boy, Damien, and his friend Trey the Triceratops.

The characters are both relatable and fun. During the story, the pair set out to discover the truth about Damien’s past without much thought about what trouble they might get into. It is an exciting adventure story about friendship, family, and acceptance.

A perfect bedtime story for dino-loving kids.

** I hope you enjoy these adorable dinosaur books by these wonderful Indie Authors. Please know that reviews are always greatly appreciated!!

Happy Reading!


Kim Ann

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