Where Do Mermaids Go On Vacation?

The mermaid friends are all together and ready to have lots of fun! Will they sing, dance, or build sandcastles? Or maybe collect sea glass and shells?


These magical creatures are ready for their own vacation. The mermaids have come together to enjoy all the fun and beautiful things the ocean has to offer. But with the whole sea at their fingertips, where will they go and what will they do?

With pirate ships, treasure chests, and underwater castles all on their list, they can't wait for their own vacation to begin. Will the mermaids have even more fun, than they already do?

What will the mermaids see? And where will they go?

(Ages 3-8)

Where do mermaids go on vacation?
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Reading of "Where Do Mermaids Go on Vacation?" children's book by Kim Ann.

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