The jingle bells have stopped jangling, and now these elves want a break. Will they pick a beach or a snow-covered mountain?

Santa’s little helpers are ready for their own vacation. After a busy holiday season all around the world, the elves can’t wait to visit someplace fun. But with the whole planet at their fingertips, where will they go and what will they do?

With hiking, biking, cruising, and snoozing all on their list, they’re excited to try everything out for themselves. And since elves are hard to spot whether it’s warm or cold, maybe only Santa’s sharp eyes can catch them experiencing comfort and joy.

Can you guess where the happy little helpers will end up?

Where Do Elves Go On Vacation is a fun escapade sure to delight. If you or your child like guessing games, rhyming adventures, and vividly illustrated scenes, then you’ll love Kim Ann’s hilarious after-Christmas caper.

(Ages 3-8)

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Reading of "Where Do Mermaids Go on Vacation?" children's book by Kim Ann.

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