Ten Little Starfish

Ten little starfish love the ocean waves! How many little starfish can you find along the shore?

On a sunny day at the beach, these little starfish crawl along the sand and rest on the ocean floor. They play in the tidepools and spend time with their friends as they dance with the tide! These little starfish glow bright with brilliants colors. They’re having so much fun!

This beautifully illustrated rhyming book is designed help your little one learn to count from one to ten. Journey through the pages in perfect rhythmic meter, and learn fun, interesting facts about the many different kinds of starfish that live in the world’s oceans.

Ten Little Starfish is an excellent learn-to-count picture book and a much-loved sequel to the popular Ten Little Sandpipers. Looking for an upbeat reading adventure with a nature-driven chance to learn? This book is for you!

(Ages 0-6)

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