Where Do Ninjas Go on Vacation? (Hardcover only)

Where Do Ninjas Go on Vacation? (Hardcover only)




The ninja friends need a break and are ready to disappear! Will they go to the desert, the mountains, or stay close by?

These adventurous ninjas are ready for their vacations. The old ninjas and some new have come together to enjoy all the fun and adventure the world has to offer. But with so many choices at their fingertips, where will they go and what will they do?

They can’t wait to begin the fun with movies, amusement parks, monster trucks, and more on their lists. Will the ninjas find even more fun adventures?

What will the ninjas do? Where will they go? Will they stay together?

Where Do Ninjas Go On Vacation is a fun adventure sure to delight any child. If you or your child like ninjas, guessing games, and rhyming adventures, then you will love Kim Ann’s latest book in the Go On Vacation series.

Buy Where Do Ninjas Go On Vacation to maybe get a clue where they go!

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