Ruby the Rainbow Witch: The Lost Swirly-Whirly Wand (Paperback only)

Ruby the Rainbow Witch: The Lost Swirly-Whirly Wand (Paperback only)




It’s a catastrophe! She’s lost her magic wand and may never get it back!

Ruby the Rainbow Witch’s swirly-whirly wand is her most treasured possession. And since she enjoys waving it to spread kindness and love in her sugary world, all her friends adore it too. But when a gust of wind whips it from her hands, Ruby’s the saddest she’s ever been!

Teaming up with Fudge, Cocoa, and Butterscotch, Ruby and the gang race across their colorful land in search of her missing magic. But when it’s found by a leprechaun who mistakes it for a lollipop, he claims finders-keepers!

Can Ruby and her friends persuade the green grump to return the treasure to its rightful owner?

The Lost Swirly-Whirly Wand is the second fun-tabulous installment in the Ruby the Rainbow Witch children’s picture book series. If you or your child like imaginative characters, exciting adventures, and a dollop of happiness, then you’ll love Kim Ann’s vividly illustrated quest.

Buy The Lost Swirly-Whirly Wand to put the spells back in their proper place today!

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Hard cover, Paperback


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