Quick Affirmations for Super Busy Women

Quick Affirmations for Super Busy Women




Always on the go and need an emotional pick-me-up? These encouraging affirmations will pump you up with confidence and self-positivity.

Are you an active mom or career woman who struggles from time to time? Do you need a little boost in your day and have no idea how to get it? Long hours of work and responsibilities wearing you down? Award-winning author Kim Ann and author, entrepreneur, and educator Yobe Qiu have teamed up to create an uplifting resource to brighten any mood. And as they share beautifully worded notes and illustrations to keep you going strong, these perfect small bits will pack a positive punch into any day.

Quick Affirmations for Super Busy Women: A to Z Easy Pick Me Ups For Not So Easy Days is a vital self-help tool to lift your spirits. Through simple declarations and a colorful design that delights the eye, Ann and Qiu provide an opportunity for hustling and overloaded women to press pause and infuse themselves with morale-building assertions. And by checking in with this book whenever you need, you’ll go from overwhelmed to being right back on track.

In Quick Affirmations for Super Busy Women, you’ll discover:

  • Statements to help you swiftly change mindsets and refocus
  • An effective tool for recharging, so you can continue on your busy day refreshed
  • Good-feeling thoughts you can embody to rewire your brain for success
  • Ways to confront any challenge through words of gratitude, self-forgiveness, and inspiration
  • Powerful pick-me-ups, instant mood boosters, and much, much more!

Quick Affirmations for Super Busy Women is the essential instrument for winning the day. If you like pleasing art, practical proclamations, and fast reads, then you’ll love Kim Ann & Yobe Qiu’s happy collection.

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