Quick Affirmations for Super Busy Men Cards

Quick Affirmations for Super Busy Men Cards




Need to refocus in a crisis? Take control with positivity and achieve your dreams in full confidence.

Bogged down by the daily grind? Busy day eroding your ability to concentrate? Have a hard time taking a much-needed moment for reflection and redirection? Award-winning author Kim Ann and author, entrepreneur, and educator Yobe Qiu form a dynamic duo bringing a must-have resource to boost your mood and outlook in your daily life. Here, they share strong messages of self-worth so you can conquer and destroy all obstacles in your way.

Quick Affirmations for Super Busy Men Affirmation Cards: A to Z Easy Pick Me Ups For Not So Easy Days is an alphabetically styled tool to refocus your mindset and bring your A-game to the forefront. Supplying straightforward statements and bold, vivid graphics to capture your attention, Ann and Qiu offer morale-building assertions that will propel you forward into your best self.

And with the new habit of checking in and regrouping, you’ll learn to tackle each day in victory.