Quick Affirmations for Children Book & Plush Box Set

Quick Affirmations for Children Book & Plush Box Set



Let’s learn ABC affirmations! This book and plush box set is designed to help young readers feel happy, brave, and confident.

Could your child use a pick-me-up to help them overcome worry and choose happiness? Is your child searching for a daily boost of positivity to remind them how special they are?

Talented co-authors Kim Ann and Yobe Qiu have teamed up to create this helpful affirmation box set designed especially for young readers ages 3 to 6! Help your child feel strong and powerful by reading these A-to-Z affirmations every day and by using the included starfish plush to remind them to stay positive.

Quick Affirmations for Children is perfect for readers aged 3 to 6, combining positive words with colorful illustrations and a huggable starfish plush. This resource is a chance for you to help your child overcome feelings of anxiety or uncertainty.

Help your child learn their ABC affirmations—amazing, brilliant, confident! Daily affirmations can support your child to do their best and reach for the stars.

In Quick Affirmations for Children, you and your young reader will discover:

  • Encouraging statements to improve positivity

  • Affirmations designed to help young children feel happy and develop confidence

  • Positive pick-me-ups to boost mood and wave goodbye to worry

  • Bright illustrations that bring messages of positivity to life

  • A huggable starfish plush to remind them to stay positive

Ready to help your child on their journey to a happier, more motivated life? The Quick Affirmations for Children box set is the perfect resource! Discover more of the happy collection as your child grows.

Get your Quick Affirmations for Children box set, and choose positivity today!