The kids are back in school and autumn is upon us. Fall is the perfect time to introduce your children to some fun books and learn about new traditions.

From an apple’s journey, to children and ninjas going back to school, to families celebrating the harvest moon, this fun fall book list is sure to add excitement and diversity to every child’s bookshelf.

1. Our Moon Festival by Yobe Qiu

Best for Ages 4-8

Our Moon Festival tells stories of families and their unique traditions as they observe this Asian holiday. Children will learn about the foods, dances, parades, and poetry that make up the Moon Festival. 


2. Ninja School Rules by Kim Ann 

Best for Ages 4-8

Lucas is excited for the first day of ninja school. He wants to be a skillful ninja, just like his dad. But the moment he steps through the door, all his excitement turns to doubt! Can Lucas find his confidence with the help of his friends? 


3. I’ll Meet You Where the Moon Touches the Water by Jillian Rodriquez 

Best for Ages 3-6

A loving mother and son go on a dream adventure down by the lake and under a bright full moon. The book tells of the special moments they share in this magical, dreamy place as the child falls fast asleep. 


4. Emma Ren Robot Engineer by Jenny Lu

Best for Ages 4-8

Emma Ren loves building things, so she was so excited when her teacher announced they would be working in teams to build robots. That is until she finds out she is working with Jeremy. Will Emma and Jeremy work out their differences and build a winning robot? 


5. Apple’s Big Dream by Jessica Collaco 

Best for Ages 4-8

Apple always dreamed of being part of the world’s most perfect apple pie. But the moment he falls on the floor, everything changes. Will Apple ever find a way to be happy, or will his dreams just roll away? 


6. Sparkles of Joy by Aditi Wardhan Singh

Best for Ages 5-8

When children host a Diwali playdate with their friends, they teach them about the meaning of the Indian holiday, taste favorite foods, make Diwali crafts, and wear traditional clothing—allowing their friends to experience the holiday first hand. 


7. The Big Adventures of a Little Tree: Tree Finds Friendship by Nadja Springer 

Best for ages 3-6

A little tree dreams of traveling and seeing the world, which is no easy task for a tree. But just because no tree has ever tried it before doesn’t mean it can’t be done! A story of friendship, inclusion, and positive thinking. 


8. My Lil’ First School by Toby A. Williams 

Best for ages 3-6

Brooke Lynn is both excited and nervous about her first day of school. But with a bit of pre-school preparation and the help of her family, she is ready to have fun and make lots of new friends!


9. Natalya Loves Candy by Rebecca Yee

Best for ages 3-6

Natalya loves candy, and so she goes out trick or treating. But on her way back home, she finds an unlikely surprise which ends up being the best kind of treat! 


10. Andy and the Mask of the Dead by Carolyn Watson Dubisch 

Best for ages 3-6 

Andy, dressed in a skeleton costume, meets a mysterious girl. Together they experience several kind spirits that are visiting for the Day of the Dead. A book about Dia de Los Muertos, it teaches about celebrating this important Mexican holiday.


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